My Absence and My Daughter

I sincerely apologize to you my faithful and incredibly supportive readers.  You see,  Winter Semester is in full swing and I have been buried under projects with tight deadlines so I have not had the extra time to update this site.  I will leave you with this one thing though.

Have you ever been blown away by one of your kids?  I mean, they do something (good) and it leaves you absolutely speechless and you are left wondering “where the heck did that come from?”  You would like to think that its your stellar parenting skills but you secretly hope that perhaps they are just that rad, their heart is really that big.  What am I rambling about?  Check this out and then ask yourself as I have…”Just where in the world does an 11-year-old get this kind of moxy and courage?”

This is my daughters site read it and check out what she is doing:  Ripples

2 thoughts on “My Absence and My Daughter

  1. Unbelievably impressive. You should be proud (and I’m sure you are!). Leaving for a ride this morning, but she can expect a contribution this week.

    GB, you’re a good man and you’re a great parent. Your wife must be an amazing person as well.

    God bless you all!

    1. Gene, Think it’s awesome as my daughter continually discusses what she can do to help people and as an 8 year old. I find it compelling that she desires to be thankful and giving to others. Let us know how we can help. Thankfully, The D’Amore family

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