2010 Version  So I accomplished a great deal in 2009 and the beginning of 2010, that in no way shape or form means I am going to hang the bikes back on the hooks and take up a nicotene-fat-lazy-drunken-slothful lifestyle.  Quite the opposite is true, I ride harder than I ever have every day, I constantly push myself to see just what the next level is.  While I do not have a goal such as losing weight I do have a few like ride my butt off and encourage others to eat good food and maintain a regular excercise routine. 
 2009 Version I recently got back into riding bikes again, or the more appropriate term I suppose would be “Cycling”, for many reasons. First and foremost was for my health. I am severely overweight and by severely I mean obese I am oddly comfortable and uncomfortable with this fact at the exact same time, it makes for an interesting juxta position within my own brain. I am confident enough that I can say “Hey look here is the problem, lets not beat around the bush!” and just pissed off enough at myself to say “Now you have to do something about it!” Over the last 3 months I am slowly gaining control over a body that I essentially ignored for the better part of a decade. It took several health scares and the fact that I take (or took as it were) many many medications to alleviate medical problems that I had brought on myself; high blood pressure, cholesterol that nearly set a North American record, out of control blood glucose levels and a host of other issues related directly to my weight and fitness, or lack thereof.

I should have started this site a long time ago when I was at my “tubbiest” and when I was cramming Big-Mac’s down my throat like I was a taste tester for Mc D’s. A lot of what I am putting on here is from my own memory and from my highly neglected personal journal. I am not a dietician or a trainer or a motivational speaker or a bike mechanic so what you may read on this site could be way off when it comes to diet, or exercise or health or general citizenship. I poke fun at myself….A LOT and there is good reason for it, if I didn’t I would still be slamming Big-Mac’s and Whoppers and washing it all down with super sized cola-pops. Diets and exercise not only take dedication and discipline it also takes a great deal of self torture something I plan on writing about in earnest.

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  1. Steve Williams says:

    Hi Gene,

    Just ran across your blog for the first time and it really hits the spot.

    I’m a flabby 54 year old that is returning to cycling after a long absence. I’m finally fed up with being fat, tired, running out of clothes that fit and hearing my doctor bitch at me.

    I started just a couple of weeks back, so I’ve got a long way to go. But I love to ride and I need to change.

    Nice to know that someone else has been there and lived to write about it. Keep up the good work!

  2. So whats the 2011 version?

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