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Anybody know what I am jazzed about? Anyone have a clue? I will tell you, Tour de Cure 2011 that’s what. I seriously cannot wait for this year’s event. I am already plotting and scheming, already wringing together my hands trying to come up with new and interesting ways to raise money. This year I would like to double my total from last year, remember what we raised last year?
*Sidebar: I say we because in large part it was people that frequent this site that donated a large chunk of the money so while I was on the team it was your support that helped and got me there. End of sidebar*
It was $1500.00 yep…remember that amount? I do! I also feel the need, given the fact I am the 2011 Adult Tour de Cure Ambassador, to really pull out the stops this year. I was shameless last year, if you followed the madness on Facebook you will remember how shameless the campaign was, I dare say it was downright shameless. I mean I threatened to streak a birthday party for crying out loud if people did not give. This year you can count on “Double Shameless-ness” you can also count on some interesting fundraising ideas I have….STARTING NOW!

Any body have any interest in owning a one of a kind, disgustingly awesome, limited edition, handmade by yours truly piece of bicycle type art (see below)? I am thinking a very limited run of 5 available after the first of the year. Just so we are clear if you buy one you are getting a handmade (by me) piece of art. It is handmade, (by me). Did I mention I made it? How is it made you ask? Well I painstakingly cut out the bike and letters and attach them to the red paper, it’s framed as well. Each one will be $50.00! I know, I know it sounds crazy that I am selling these for a mere $50.00 I know I could fetch billions for one of these. Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing, it’s for a good cause!  There will be future art offerings as well so if you miss this one stay tuned for more.

12x20 Framed


8x10 glossy's are $19.99 without an autograph....with an autograph the price jumps to $99.00 (thanks Erwin for takin the pic)

Today I am going to wander just ever so slightly off of the usual topics found here at 100poundsago…well not really that far….ok fine I am going to write about something totally in line with what you usually find here but in a different kind of way. 

Let’s talk about responsibility shall we?  We all know the word; it was probably introduced to you by your parents in the form of taking out the garbage or picking up dog poop in the yard.  You have to have it in your life right?  I mean responsibility essentially forces us to go to work, pick up the kids from school and pay the bills.  Its an inescapable fact of life for even the most foot loose and fancy free type of characters in the world have some form of responsibility, as much as it pains we “grindstone” folks, in the end its there.  Where am I going with this you ask?  Actually I don’t know I am hoping it will come to me sometime before I finish typing this sentence.  Yup!  There it is!  A little while ago I alluded ever so cleverly about something big that was going on around 100poundsago HQ.  Well here it is kids.  I have agreed to serve as the 2011 American Diabetes Michigan Tour de Cure Adult Advocate.   This was not without reservation and some serious soul type searching.  Right there the whole time the “R” word was whispering in my ear.  It whispered things like “You can make a difference to someone” and “you could be the spark one person needs to reverse the effects” So I acquiesce and agree with only two conditions….everyone has to salute me and refer to me by my official self appointed and self invented title of “The Most High Exalted Majestic Ambassadorship Gene” I didn’t think that was too much to ask do you?  As much as I hate being serious I feel I need to be serious about this all kidding aside.  Diabetes sucks I was able through some really hard work to stymie the effects of Type II in my own body and I am willing to do or say whatever I can to help others do the same.   

 Want to help me?  Find the 2011 Tour de Cure in your area, join a team, get on your bike…and ride.