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Only One Left

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Daily Weirdness

I know you are caught in a dilemma, “Do I purchase this pic or do I wait for the next exclusive offering?”  There is one “Melancholy” pic left and I have started work on the next picture.  ALL proceeds go to the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure…..not 10%, not 50%….100% goes to the ADA. 


Are we friends?  I mean are we friends in the modern odd way that people are friends now?  I am of course speaking of the parallel universe that exists just outside the parameters of our very own physical existence….Facebook.  If we aren’t we should be and you should also do a wee search on the ol’ Facebook machine for a little page called 100poundsago and you should most definitely click “Like” on that rascal.  I threw out a dare right before New Years saying it “Would be rad if 100poundsago could get 100 fans by 2011.”  Some folks were added but not even close to 100 so get on it people!

 I have a few e-mails in my inbox asking “How was the Polar Rhino Ride?”  My immediate rebuttal has been “I guess it was fine, didn’t make it this year.  I started out the New Year puking my shoes off.”  This of course is not even in close proximity to how I actually wanted to spend News Years Day or several days following.  I wanted to go on that dang ride dangit!  I wanted to go bad too.  For crying out loud it was 45 degrees that day, which alone is a welcome respite from the winter doldrums.  Nay!  In bed I laid shivering and miserable secretly cursing everyone on the ride because I was bitter that I could not be.  So if you got a flat or some other form of cycling atrocity on the ride I apologize it was my fault.  If you have been a reader for a while you will remember on the 2010 ride I beat myself up pretty bad I opined about stagnation in weight loss among many other complaints about myself.  I was going to use the ride this year as a time to reflect over the 2010 cycling year, oh well I’m flexible reflection can be done anywhere I suppose.

 I have also more than a few E-mails asking what my “Resolutions” are or where?  Honestly I don’t make them, haven’t in years.  I use to make them, for example, “I am going to stop smoking in 1994…the same one was made in 95, and 96, 97 98, 99, 2000, 01, 02…you get the point right?  Each year it was an abysmal failure, each resolution lasted until about noon on January 1 when I would run out and buy a carton of cigarettes and chain smoke the New Years in.   It’s a societal joke really, they are expected to fail there is really no pressure to actually succeed at them.  They are in reality forgotten about and breezed by no guilt attached.  I make goals for myself and have done so for the past few years I break them down to small manageable and realistic benchmarks.  Will I be challenged to reach them, yes most definitely but therein lays the fun.   Let me give you an example:  I got it into my head not too long ago that I wanted to run a 5k.  Now if you know me you know I despise running with every thread of my being.  So what did I have to do?  I had to build up to it, I know I would have failed if I laced up some running shoes and tried to run a 5k.  I did the “Couch to 5k” program.  Each day building on the last until bingo bongo you just busted out 5k’s worth of pavement pounding which I did and I am pretty sure it was the furthest I have ever run in my life.  5k….check!  Now on to the next one.  Not resolutions….goals. 

 What are your goals today, or this week, or this month?  Leave some comments, lets discuss.

Honestly the whole idea of a Santa Clause frightens me, I mean take a few minutes and think about it.  A guy who lives in the barren tundra of the North Pole, really out of shape, works one day a year and the rest of the time hangs out with elves?  That’s creepy right?  Then add the fact he can get into everyone’s house, keeps tabs on everyone formulating a list of who is naughty and nice all from atop the world.  It’s a bit…oh….I don’t know….1984 for me.  There are too many overtones of “Thought Police” for my taste.  Children writing letters to him asking for toys, begging to be placed on the nice list despite the fact they may or may not have pulled Suzie’s pigtails at lunch or issued that “noogy” to that pre-school brother of theirs.  Furthermore, while I am ranting and raving with no clear purpose, just what constitutes good and bad, naughty and nice?  Is there a rule book, is there a website, and is there a Facebook page dedicated to naughty and nicety?  If there rules aren’t clearly printed in black and white somewhere and freely available I don’t think we should be held to a constantly sliding scale of what is naughty and nice, tell me you agree?

I say all of that to say this; I must have been really really good this year cause Santa delivered to my house (even though it creeps me out thinking this dude was in my living room) a bounty of cycling goodness.  I hereby declare that despite the fact my Kit is already better than yours (a subject I have touched on here) I am now three times better looking than probably 93.862% of all cyclists because I found two new cycling jerseys under the tree this year.  Thus bringing my total count of jersey awesomeness to 5.  Now I have other jerseys, however 5 of them are of such radness they strike fear and trepidation into the deep recesses of a person’s soul when they are looked upon.    Of course it being winter in Michigan you will not be able to see these two new additions for another 8 months…which brings me to my second point of why I must have been so dang good this year.  Under the tree I also found the Sugoi Neo jacket I have been drooling after since last winter.  So while the awesomeness of my daily jersey selection shall remain hidden in the winter months have no fear the top layer of my kit is a completely rad-tastic jacket.   

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!

 Did you happen to see the art I am selling to raise money for the Tour de Cure this year?  There are 3 left of the first offering and I have started work on the second run of cycling art.  Here is a hint of what it will look like. 

Just a little hint

Anybody know what I am jazzed about? Anyone have a clue? I will tell you, Tour de Cure 2011 that’s what. I seriously cannot wait for this year’s event. I am already plotting and scheming, already wringing together my hands trying to come up with new and interesting ways to raise money. This year I would like to double my total from last year, remember what we raised last year?
*Sidebar: I say we because in large part it was people that frequent this site that donated a large chunk of the money so while I was on the team it was your support that helped and got me there. End of sidebar*
It was $1500.00 yep…remember that amount? I do! I also feel the need, given the fact I am the 2011 Adult Tour de Cure Ambassador, to really pull out the stops this year. I was shameless last year, if you followed the madness on Facebook you will remember how shameless the campaign was, I dare say it was downright shameless. I mean I threatened to streak a birthday party for crying out loud if people did not give. This year you can count on “Double Shameless-ness” you can also count on some interesting fundraising ideas I have….STARTING NOW!

Any body have any interest in owning a one of a kind, disgustingly awesome, limited edition, handmade by yours truly piece of bicycle type art (see below)? I am thinking a very limited run of 5 available after the first of the year. Just so we are clear if you buy one you are getting a handmade (by me) piece of art. It is handmade, (by me). Did I mention I made it? How is it made you ask? Well I painstakingly cut out the bike and letters and attach them to the red paper, it’s framed as well. Each one will be $50.00! I know, I know it sounds crazy that I am selling these for a mere $50.00 I know I could fetch billions for one of these. Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing, it’s for a good cause!  There will be future art offerings as well so if you miss this one stay tuned for more.

12x20 Framed


Slumber, Trainer, Or Just Ride

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Daily Weirdness

I don’t know where you live….ok I actually do know where some of you live but I digress. Where I live winter is here, has been here, is going to be here for many a month to come. It’s an undeniable fact, the mercury has fallen sometimes to the negative side of zero, the winds will blow, and there will be snow. You of the cycling variety in the frozen tundra areas have done one of three things.

1. You have put your bike on the hooks and tucked it in for a long winter slumber.
2. Trainers and rollers have been dug out of basements, closets, attics and garages for a full winter of mindless …um…train-er-ing, or roller-er-ing
3. You embrace the nonsense that is negative temps, layer it up and ride on anyway.

I think I may have thrown out this challenge before but I am not sure and I certainly do not feel like searching through this site and the posts to see if I have or not. If I did forgive me for warming up last winters leftovers, if I have not I take full credit for the genius. Who cares how or where you ride, just ride!

I prefer to ride despite the temps; trainer and rollers bore me to the brink of homicidal madness. I have found that I am not the only one either, there are other maniacs out there on a daily basis slogging through the slop to either get to where they need to go or for health and fitness sake.

While I am on the subject, if indeed I am on a subject, let’s talk Christmas shall we. I just saw a commercial for McDonalds extolling the virtues of giving your trash guy or mailman a McDonalds gift certificate….I guess you could if you really hate your trash guy or mailman that much. I mean noting says I hate you like a gift certificate for a free meal of fat, cholesterol, high blood pressure and so pumped with chemicals they had to add to the periodic table to accommodate the nastiness. Whilst giving them a gift is all fine and good I am adding a few people this year to the “Nice” list and I think you should to, especially if you rely on them as much as I do. Your local bike shop! I know I love mine, this is the place they know my name, ask how I have been, and have kept a bike underneath my buttocks without hesitation. Repairs are done with the speed and skill unlike any I have ever seen.

So my LBS is getting a gift this year. What you ask? You see soon enough. How about you add them to your list of people that at minimum get a card?

Turning Negative Into Positive

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Daily Weirdness

In what ways does a positive attitude affect you?   I am of the firm opinion that it can, does and will affect you in a myriad of different ways.  I am pretty much guilty of always pointing out the negative, what started as a small annoying habit has turned into years of negativity.  I read through some of the posts here and I think to myself…”sheesh, what a pessimist!”  Some of those posts I have never published some where and serve as a constant reminder of “look at the good Gene!” Although its not strictly pessimism, rather a list of demands placed on myself in which I can never achieve…leading to yet more negative feelings and finding the flaws in everything.  A vicious circle it is, and if you have ever been caught in it you know of which circle I speak.  The slowly building vortex of negativity that quickly clouds even the clearest of visions and drags you further into the tunnel vision of negativity.  I was reading in a church newspaper recently about a challenge a pastor threw down about thanks, wherein he challenged the congregation to write down each day 3 things they where thankful for and to repeat daily for 30 days.  There was one caveat; you had to come up with 3 new things a day.   Since we are approaching that time of year where we all should focus on what we are thankful for I find this a good segue into changing negativity into positivity (not a word) and reverse my normal thought process to that which I am thankful. 

It would be easy to take all of the credit and accolades that are thrown upon me for losing weight, I mean after all I am the one that tortured myself on the road sitting atop that wee little seat, pedal stroke after endless pedal stroke.  Sweat, tears, vomit, Gestapo like dietary self demands, blood and in a case or two injury…they are all my doing right?  NO!  While I am the face of what I did the body is a laundry list of others who should take their turn in the limelight for they have never once been listed here.

From time to time I come up with near insane ideas, they span from odd vacation plans to the most absurd tattoo anyone has ever seen….I say insane because to me they are crazy after some thought, to one particular person they are not really that crazy.  Who is this facilitator of the insane you inquire?  My wife, she who never batted an eye at the mention of me converting my diet to strict vegetarian.  She who offered to plan out, shop and prepare all of the meals I would need.  She who for nearly two years has never complained about anything I needed or wanted….patched my gear, had hot coffee ready when I finished riding in the dead of winter and has supported me every step of the way.  Thanks Babe!

8x10 glossy's are $19.99 without an autograph....with an autograph the price jumps to $99.00 (thanks Erwin for takin the pic)

Today I am going to wander just ever so slightly off of the usual topics found here at 100poundsago…well not really that far….ok fine I am going to write about something totally in line with what you usually find here but in a different kind of way. 

Let’s talk about responsibility shall we?  We all know the word; it was probably introduced to you by your parents in the form of taking out the garbage or picking up dog poop in the yard.  You have to have it in your life right?  I mean responsibility essentially forces us to go to work, pick up the kids from school and pay the bills.  Its an inescapable fact of life for even the most foot loose and fancy free type of characters in the world have some form of responsibility, as much as it pains we “grindstone” folks, in the end its there.  Where am I going with this you ask?  Actually I don’t know I am hoping it will come to me sometime before I finish typing this sentence.  Yup!  There it is!  A little while ago I alluded ever so cleverly about something big that was going on around 100poundsago HQ.  Well here it is kids.  I have agreed to serve as the 2011 American Diabetes Michigan Tour de Cure Adult Advocate.   This was not without reservation and some serious soul type searching.  Right there the whole time the “R” word was whispering in my ear.  It whispered things like “You can make a difference to someone” and “you could be the spark one person needs to reverse the effects” So I acquiesce and agree with only two conditions….everyone has to salute me and refer to me by my official self appointed and self invented title of “The Most High Exalted Majestic Ambassadorship Gene” I didn’t think that was too much to ask do you?  As much as I hate being serious I feel I need to be serious about this all kidding aside.  Diabetes sucks I was able through some really hard work to stymie the effects of Type II in my own body and I am willing to do or say whatever I can to help others do the same.   

 Want to help me?  Find the 2011 Tour de Cure in your area, join a team, get on your bike…and ride.