Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I know it’s a little early to write to you and give you my Christmas list this year but I figure you would be cool with it because Target already has Christmas decorations out in their store. I don’t always subscribe to the Target stores method of seasonal changes but I have quite list this year and some really expensive stuff so I thought I would give you as much advance notice as possible so you can reward my awesome “good behavior” over the last year. I know you are going to check that list twice and each time you will see my name on the very tippy top of the “good” and nary a mark will be found on the “bad” side….ok ok fine I know there was a time or two I misbehaved…your not going to begrudge me that are you? Ok here is my list and this year just like last year you can expect some gluten free, egg free vegan cookies and some almond milk at the bottom of my chimney. I am also going to leave you the E-2 book and an American Diabetes Association cookbook, to be frank and honest with you I have some deep concerns about your health.

You will notice that everything on this list is cycling related which should not come as a surprise to anyone really.

1.  I ride to work everyday now and when I leave in the morning it is quite dark still.  I could use some new lights for my bike just like the Mininewt.700

2.  Speaking of darkness I could really use a new monster bright jacket.  Mine has seen better days and is in need of retirement.  I would like the Sugoi Helium jacket….yellow please! 

3.  While your elves are stitching the Sugoi Helium jacket together why not have them also thow the Sugoi Neo in your sleigh as well?  It looks nice and warm and since Michigan winters rival North Pole winters I am sure you can appreciate a nice warm jacket? 

4.  I could really use some nice socks for those long winter commutes by bike.  My old smartwool socks are done…finished….kaput.  I like the socks this dude has.  The crazier the style the better I say…why be normal? 

5.  I was starting to think that all jersey makers pretty much sucked until I got my ADA Tour de Cure jersey….love that thing.  So I will pretty much take anything thing from here.

6.  I am pretty sure the Giro Prolight would look really good on me while protecting my melon.

7.  You can pick which one of these you want to give me:  this one -or- this one

8.  The Chris King “Dreadset”…..this requires no explanation.

Thanks a bunch,



Alternate Xtracycle Ads Part II

You will of course remember that my first alternate ad for Xtracycle was “Because you just never know when you may run across a treasure you feel you can’t live without”

Here is the second one:
“Xtracycle…for when you find the next item your wife wont let you keep in the house”

Found this beauty last week

Why Firefighters Should Not Build Websites

Ever get one of those ideas…Lets say for instance you have a picture in your head of what something should look like but come time to execute….disappointment?  I am just gonna throw out a hypothetical scenario for you faithful readers.  I have this “friend” who has this quasi popular (not really) website bloggy thing.  He got it in his brain that he wanted to change the look of it to something more edgy, rad, tubular, etc. The only issue is while he can hang ten on the internet machine like none other and can move files around and the like he has absolutely no clue how to build a website.  The poor fellow does not even know he doesn’t know how to build websites?  It seems as if he lives in some form of alternate universe wherein he is the master of all domain names and people bow to worship him blah blah blah.  Imagine his surprise when it came time for him to change the site and imagine his frustration when he could not get it the way he wanted it.  He even had a cool logo for the site and much to his chagrin it was simply not possible to incorporate it into the site.  Anyhow, that’s the story of my friend…poor soul.

How Xtracycle Defies The Laws Of Physics

See right over there on the right?  No not there….RIGHT THERE!  Where my Twitter feed displays on this site?  If you follow me on Twitter and I don’t know why you wouldn’t you would have figured out that I got my Xtracycle on Friday.  Even though I acted all coy and slick about it on 100poundsago, even made reference to a Frankenstein movie moment, if you would have read just to the right of the posts you would have known what in the world I was talking about.  If you have been wondering why I had erected lightning rods on the roof of my garage let this be a lesson to you that when someone suggests you follow them on Twitter you should.  My followers where “In the Know” but I digress.

Yeah, so the Xtracycle arrived on Friday and by Sunday I had everything attached, bolted, zip-tied, and Velcro-ed down.  I had to take it to James and the crew at Cycletherapy yesterday for some fine tweaking with the rear brake and as usual it was same day service from the fellas in the back.  Have you ever tried to mount an Xtracycle on a car rack?  Its not easy folks, as you can see from the picture. 

No matter what you do....something is going to hang over

This is my new commuter and errand running bike, my first thoughts on this thing?  AWESOME!  I ran it for the first time to work this morning and I was pretty loaded down.  The only thing I noticed was by back and shoulders didn’t hurt from the backpack and no loss of circulation in my hands from the backpack straps digging into my flesh.  Oddly the bike does not really even feel heavy?  I don’t get it but somehow Xtracycle has found a way to circumvent the natural laws of the universe and make heavy loads on the back of a bike seem non existent?  There must be some kind of space age polymer that they have pumped into the tubing that creates some kind of wormhole in the space time continuum or perhaps they have found a way to control and manipulate the laws of physics?  Or it could be as simple as the longer wheel base?  I am going to assume that the people at Xtracycle are pretty smart so I am sticking with they have some kind of control over string theory.  Another thing I found slightly odd is I was at the capacity of the bags and one side was obviously heavier than the other however I did not notice the weight distribution discrepancy….read the above statement about breaking the established laws of physics.  I have some things I would like to add to this bike in general like some fenders because much to my chagrin the entire bike is already covered in mud…as was I this morning.  I am thinking of changing out the stem and bars but as of right now I am undecided.   

Nothing better than indoor parking

Breakup Letter

Dear Fat and Gasoline,

I know I have been distant lately and for good reason, I want you both to know that its not you…its me. As much as that sounds like a cliché it’s totally true. Ok, well not 100% true since I really cant stand either of you but I wanted this to be a letter to let you both down gently. While I know we have had our good times and we have had our bad it was only when the bad started to far outnumber the good that I realized I need to grow as a person (or shrink as the case may be) and move on from the grasp that both of you had on me. We will always share the memories (as painful as they may be) of sitting in a car at the drive thru window waiting to be served pound after pound of Fat. My grossly overweight butt sitting in the car just waiting to get fatter while burning gallon after gallon of Gasoline. We are done, for I have found two different loves, loves that build me up and make me happy. I know this has to be hard for you both but you want me to be happy right? You want me to live a long healthy life free of medication and illness right? You have to let me go, I am moving on to Vegetables and Bikes. The hurt you both are feeling will heal with time and unfortunately you will move on to someone else and you will burden them as you have burdened me for so many years. This is my final good bye, I would prefer if we made a clean break and just left it at that. No further communication between us is wanted or needed.