My Absence and My Daughter

I sincerely apologize to you my faithful and incredibly supportive readers.  You see,  Winter Semester is in full swing and I have been buried under projects with tight deadlines so I have not had the extra time to update this site.  I will leave you with this one thing though.

Have you ever been blown away by one of your kids?  I mean, they do something (good) and it leaves you absolutely speechless and you are left wondering “where the heck did that come from?”  You would like to think that its your stellar parenting skills but you secretly hope that perhaps they are just that rad, their heart is really that big.  What am I rambling about?  Check this out and then ask yourself as I have…”Just where in the world does an 11-year-old get this kind of moxy and courage?”

This is my daughters site read it and check out what she is doing:  Ripples


I Resolved To Not Make Resolutions

Are we friends?  I mean are we friends in the modern odd way that people are friends now?  I am of course speaking of the parallel universe that exists just outside the parameters of our very own physical existence….Facebook.  If we aren’t we should be and you should also do a wee search on the ol’ Facebook machine for a little page called 100poundsago and you should most definitely click “Like” on that rascal.  I threw out a dare right before New Years saying it “Would be rad if 100poundsago could get 100 fans by 2011.”  Some folks were added but not even close to 100 so get on it people!

 I have a few e-mails in my inbox asking “How was the Polar Rhino Ride?”  My immediate rebuttal has been “I guess it was fine, didn’t make it this year.  I started out the New Year puking my shoes off.”  This of course is not even in close proximity to how I actually wanted to spend News Years Day or several days following.  I wanted to go on that dang ride dangit!  I wanted to go bad too.  For crying out loud it was 45 degrees that day, which alone is a welcome respite from the winter doldrums.  Nay!  In bed I laid shivering and miserable secretly cursing everyone on the ride because I was bitter that I could not be.  So if you got a flat or some other form of cycling atrocity on the ride I apologize it was my fault.  If you have been a reader for a while you will remember on the 2010 ride I beat myself up pretty bad I opined about stagnation in weight loss among many other complaints about myself.  I was going to use the ride this year as a time to reflect over the 2010 cycling year, oh well I’m flexible reflection can be done anywhere I suppose.

 I have also more than a few E-mails asking what my “Resolutions” are or where?  Honestly I don’t make them, haven’t in years.  I use to make them, for example, “I am going to stop smoking in 1994…the same one was made in 95, and 96, 97 98, 99, 2000, 01, 02…you get the point right?  Each year it was an abysmal failure, each resolution lasted until about noon on January 1 when I would run out and buy a carton of cigarettes and chain smoke the New Years in.   It’s a societal joke really, they are expected to fail there is really no pressure to actually succeed at them.  They are in reality forgotten about and breezed by no guilt attached.  I make goals for myself and have done so for the past few years I break them down to small manageable and realistic benchmarks.  Will I be challenged to reach them, yes most definitely but therein lays the fun.   Let me give you an example:  I got it into my head not too long ago that I wanted to run a 5k.  Now if you know me you know I despise running with every thread of my being.  So what did I have to do?  I had to build up to it, I know I would have failed if I laced up some running shoes and tried to run a 5k.  I did the “Couch to 5k” program.  Each day building on the last until bingo bongo you just busted out 5k’s worth of pavement pounding which I did and I am pretty sure it was the furthest I have ever run in my life.  5k….check!  Now on to the next one.  Not resolutions….goals. 

 What are your goals today, or this week, or this month?  Leave some comments, lets discuss.

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I know it’s a little early to write to you and give you my Christmas list this year but I figure you would be cool with it because Target already has Christmas decorations out in their store. I don’t always subscribe to the Target stores method of seasonal changes but I have quite list this year and some really expensive stuff so I thought I would give you as much advance notice as possible so you can reward my awesome “good behavior” over the last year. I know you are going to check that list twice and each time you will see my name on the very tippy top of the “good” and nary a mark will be found on the “bad” side….ok ok fine I know there was a time or two I misbehaved…your not going to begrudge me that are you? Ok here is my list and this year just like last year you can expect some gluten free, egg free vegan cookies and some almond milk at the bottom of my chimney. I am also going to leave you the E-2 book and an American Diabetes Association cookbook, to be frank and honest with you I have some deep concerns about your health.

You will notice that everything on this list is cycling related which should not come as a surprise to anyone really.

1.  I ride to work everyday now and when I leave in the morning it is quite dark still.  I could use some new lights for my bike just like the Mininewt.700

2.  Speaking of darkness I could really use a new monster bright jacket.  Mine has seen better days and is in need of retirement.  I would like the Sugoi Helium jacket….yellow please! 

3.  While your elves are stitching the Sugoi Helium jacket together why not have them also thow the Sugoi Neo in your sleigh as well?  It looks nice and warm and since Michigan winters rival North Pole winters I am sure you can appreciate a nice warm jacket? 

4.  I could really use some nice socks for those long winter commutes by bike.  My old smartwool socks are done…finished….kaput.  I like the socks this dude has.  The crazier the style the better I say…why be normal? 

5.  I was starting to think that all jersey makers pretty much sucked until I got my ADA Tour de Cure jersey….love that thing.  So I will pretty much take anything thing from here.

6.  I am pretty sure the Giro Prolight would look really good on me while protecting my melon.

7.  You can pick which one of these you want to give me:  this one -or- this one

8.  The Chris King “Dreadset”…..this requires no explanation.

Thanks a bunch,


Doctors Need To Drop The “F” Bomb More

I was reading some things Jody was saying this morning at it set me off on a thinking tangent.  You can recognize one of my thinking tangents by the following symptoms:  deep blank stares, babbling, drooling, and possibly smoke emanating from my ears and or nose.  I tell you that so you will know I gave this somber thought. 

 Anyway…..What if we just pretend for a minute….just one minute…What if ALL doctors across the country treated and talked to their patients like mine did?  What if instead of sugar coating everything and throwing pills at symptoms they actually investigated and found the root problem of the ailment?  I had a laundry list of physical problems Diabetes, Hypertension, sky high Cholesterol, Cardiac Arrhythmias….sadly I was perfectly at ease living with these problems, actually I was perfectly at ease DYING from these because it never really dawned on me that I was in fact dying.  I had been placated by doctors for years as they threw more and more pills at me. They pacified me by pretending to be looking for a cure to my problems all the while because of a sense of not wanting to offend they let me live the life I was accustomed to.   No one ever said to me “You know Fattikins if you lost a bunch of weight most, if not all, of your problems will go away!”  There is a complacent attitude in not only the general populous but seems to be running rampant in the medical community as well.  A mind-set of absolute and total denial about just how much weight can impact and influence your overall well being.  Take me for example, I lost weight and I no longer have Diabetes, Hypertension, sky high Cholesterol, Cardiac Arrhythmias.  It was that simple lose weight, lose the problems.   

 I know exactly where I would be if he would have calmly and dismissively said to me “Cuts some pounds, try to quit smoking and eat more white meat blah blah blah” I would still be over 300 pounds, still ramming Big Macs down my gullet, chain smoking and slowly waddling my way to an oversized casket at a very young age.   It took a bit of foul language, some evil eyes, and a grotesquely painted picture of how the rest of my pathetic fat life was going to play out, or what was left of it.  Now from a monetary standpoint this doctor had an honest to cash cow (both literally and figuratively) with me as a patient.  I was looking at a lot of office visits, lots of tests, lots of misc expenditures all that where sure to pad his pockets.  Instead he set me off on the right path from the word jump.  So why is that so hard?  Why is he the only doctor I saw in nearly 2 decades of visiting physicians that took the time to bust my chops?  Denial, complacency, afraid to hurt feelings and offend?  I wish I knew but I am eternally thankful that he took the time to cuss me out.

Nearly every day I say the following quote “If I can do it anyone can” and I am being dead serious about it.  If a slovenly, morbidly obese, chain smoking, un-motivated person such as me can decide to put down the cigarettes, jump on a bike and take the reins of my own health over anyone can.

Its Alive!!!!!! Its ALIVVVVEEEEEEE!!!!!

So what did I do this weekend?  Well I took to my second garage aka “The Hooligan Workshop” and began a project on El Chuchacabra …you remember El Chuchacabra right?  It’s my Specialized Rockhopper.  What is this project that is so secretive that it had to be undertaken veiled in the cover of night with the windows of the garage covered in heavy burlap?  I will let you all in on it soon enough but lets just say that the police where called because of the lighting rods I erected on the roof of my garage with heavy copper lines running into the garage.  When they arrived at my door according to the police report they quote “He was screaming at the top of his lungs ‘It’s ALIVE!!!!  It’s ALIVE” as electricity coursed it way down the lines and onto the workbench to the secret project.

Breakup Letter

Dear Fat and Gasoline,

I know I have been distant lately and for good reason, I want you both to know that its not you…its me. As much as that sounds like a cliché it’s totally true. Ok, well not 100% true since I really cant stand either of you but I wanted this to be a letter to let you both down gently. While I know we have had our good times and we have had our bad it was only when the bad started to far outnumber the good that I realized I need to grow as a person (or shrink as the case may be) and move on from the grasp that both of you had on me. We will always share the memories (as painful as they may be) of sitting in a car at the drive thru window waiting to be served pound after pound of Fat. My grossly overweight butt sitting in the car just waiting to get fatter while burning gallon after gallon of Gasoline. We are done, for I have found two different loves, loves that build me up and make me happy. I know this has to be hard for you both but you want me to be happy right? You want me to live a long healthy life free of medication and illness right? You have to let me go, I am moving on to Vegetables and Bikes. The hurt you both are feeling will heal with time and unfortunately you will move on to someone else and you will burden them as you have burdened me for so many years. This is my final good bye, I would prefer if we made a clean break and just left it at that. No further communication between us is wanted or needed.


The Cost Of Healthy Eating…DE-BUNKIFIED!

“…..But being healthy is soooo expensive.” In order to fully appreciate the previous sentence you have to imagine it vocalized using the whiney voice of a 4 year old. Why a whiney voice of a 4 year old you wonder to yourself? Because that’s how I picture people when they say such things! I have to call shenanigans on the whole argument, in fact I not only call shenanigans I also say poppycock and rubbish! I have found that it is not in fact a monetary issue but an issue of change or an argument for “Non-Change” and I am not talking about political catchphrases either. I am talking about honest-to-Pete lifestyle changes. Let’s break my own situation down to see if the Chicken Little “It’s too expensive” argument holds any water. Here is what I would spend eating and consuming CRAP (I am actually going to underestimate since I am wholly confident that my side will de-bunk the other side’s argument):
Old Way
Name:                         Frequency:              Cost:             Weekly Total:
McDonalds            4 times a week              $9.00 per            $36.00
Jimmy Johns          2 times a week              $12.00 per          $24.00
Misc Fast Food      2 times a week              $7.00 per            $14.00
Prescriptions         5 times a month           $5.00 ea             $6.25
Cigarettes            2 packs a day                $5.00 per            $70.00
Misc Cola             4 per day                      $1.00 each          $28.00
Misc Cady            1 per day                      $0.75 each           $5.25
                                                                                         Total: $183. 50

New Way
Name:                         Frequency:                   Cost:           Weekly Total: 
McDonalds             0 times a week           $0.00 per           $0.00
Jimmy Johns        0 times a week           $0.00 per           $0.00
Misc Fast Food     0 times a week          $0.00 per            $0.00
Prescriptions        0 times a month       $0.00 per            $0.00
Cigarettes           0 packs a day         $0.00 per          $0.00
Misc Cola            0 per day               $0.00 per         $0.00
Misc Candy         0 per day                  $0.00 per            $0.00
                                                                                             Total: $00.00

Interesting don’t you think? I have not factored in the money saved on gas to get to such places like McDonalds etc. Given the fact that our family grocery bill is a fraction of what I use to spend on junk food, cigarettes and medication I am considering any money not spent at fast food restaurants pure profit. Furthermore if we total up the “Old Way” yearly expenditures I get a savings of $9542.00 have you any idea what kind of new bike you can buy for $9542.00???? Here is another interesting factoid about my own journey into healthiness. What did it cost me to start exercising? $34.00…..that’s right I said 34 bucks that was the cost of two new tubes for my bike and a new rear brake cable, pretty cheap I say, one of the cheapest loss of 100 pounds going!

Rights and Lefts



See that picture above?  See that sign where you get to choose left or right?  What a perfect representation of life, this is a sign that sits on a road exactly 8.3 miles away from my house.  

To the right is the easy road home, which would be 8.3 miles back to the comfort of a recliner, a hot shower, cold water, and air conditioning.  

To the left is 34 miles of leg numbing pain, hot exhaust, tall hills, winding corners,  and sweat.  

To the right are all the people who doubt me, the ones that said you will never meet that goal of weight loss, you will never get off all of that medication.  They are the ones that subscribe to the theory “eat right, live right, die anyway”  they are the ones that sleep in every morning and are perfectly at ease living a sedentary lifestyle of glutenous excesses.  

To the left are the people who told me to press on, give it hell, and “you do have the guts and fortitude to do this thing.”  

To the right is all of those mornings I didn’t want to get out of bed and fought with myself that I could skip that ride “just today”  to the right of my bed is an alarm clock with a snooze button that taunts me.  

To the left of my bed is the door that leads to the hallway that leads to the garage where my bike is.  

To the right is Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, atrial fibrillation and a shortened life. 

To the left is a life devoid of all of those physical ailments that use to enslave me. 

I’m turning left, which way will you turn?

Big Macs ‘aka’ Death Bombs

I, like other mere mortals, still have certain cravings for certain food items. Now, I will tell you that two important anniversaries happened here at 100 Pounds Ago that passed by virtually un-noticed by all. First- My one year anniversary of quitting smoking, Second- My transition to Veganism. Now I will say that after well over a year I don’t crave cigarettes anymore in fact I find the mere smell of them nearly nauseating, furthermore I simply cannot be around smoke cause…well you know….I am a really awesome cyclist and we have to protect our lungs and whatnot. I do however have the occasional food craving, but not just any food I have craving for the worst food imaginable….McDonalds. Not so very long ago I pretty much lived on the confections that the Golden Arches pedaled, and not so long ago I was a train wreck of a human physically speaking and currently I pedal my ears off to maintain what I achieved as far as weight loss. If you think I am going to allow that fat nastiness to come into contact with my palate you have another thing coming!!!

Usually I just have to remind myself that Mc-D’s is evil and what it would do to me if I did partake in that food again, however, recently I have had to get drastic. I decided to look up the nutritional (quick aside here: the word “Nutrition” and “McDonalds” probably should not be mentioned in the same sentence) information on what was once my signature meal. Try not to scream folks but I am going to lay out a lunch or a dinner in my world when “Fat Gene” was in office and running the show. Now at least 4 meals in any given week would consist of: 3 Big Macs, 1 large fry, and 1 giant Coke….disgusting I know, and very embarrassing to admit to anyone I ate that. If you go to the Mc-D’s website you can actually use a tool and load up a virtual tray with some of their death bombs and it will give you a running tally on the…..ahem….so called nutritional value of the mean you designed. Here are the totals for the meal I have listed above:
2570 Calories
114 grams of fat
33 grams saturated fat
205 mg cholesterol
205% of daily trans and saturated fat

Seriously, I am never eating there as long as I live, its no wonder I was in the shape I was.

Want to see where your favorite burger stacks up in the “Unhealthy” linup?   Click HERE