Where Have You Been?

Where have I been for the last few days?  I have been a shivering sick mess in bed, that’s unfortunately where I have been.  While 3 days in bed may sound like fun to most to me, the hyperactive ADD laden soul that I am,  it drives me bonkers.  Thankfully,  I was asleep most of the time so boredom couldn’t fully set in.  It started with a miserable ride on Thursday morning again in the rain and cold where I inappropriately blamed the poor performance on aforementioned rain and cold,  only later in the day I realized I was coming down with something dreadful.  I self diagnosed my illness as equal parts Ebola, H1N1 virus, scurvy, with a side order of rickets.  I honestly cannot remember ever being so sick, and suspect that I was feeling sick on my ride and simply exacerbated the problem with a solid two hours in the rain and cold.  Today I shall dedicate some serious web surfing time to locating some foul weather gear for riding,  the days of riding in sub-par conditions wearing only shorts and a jersey are behind me. 

 There was a time where I could meander out into the fall and winter frostiness with nothing more than a sweatshirt and jeans,  those days are long gone now.  It has a little something to do with a hell of a lot less body fat I am sporting on my person now. 

 In other wardrobe news, I had to go out and purchase a new duty belt the other day.  I had to add 6 extra holes to my old one and it had a tail on it that was about 10 inches too long.  The belt I replaced was the belt I was first issued when I entered the fire service.  I am now thinner than I was when I first became a fire fighter.  I find it slightly peculiar that I am thinner than I was in the academy when we were forced to run mile after mile down those dusty roads in North Carolina for a solid 6 months and had to do structural fire exercises for hours a day wearing 60 pounds worth of fire gear.  I think fire academies should abandon running and buy everyone a bicycle.

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