Leavin On A Jet Plane…

I am going to be away until late Sunday night, I will be making my annual pilgrimage to Colorado Springs, Colorado to attend the IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial Ceremony.  In a profession like mine it is far too common to lose friends and I have lost many a friend whose names grace that long granite wall.  It’s always a mix of emotions to attend such an event, there is the raucous parties that you can only find when a few thousand fire fighters get together in one place.  Then there is the solemn ceremony, each name read aloud, each family presented a folded flag.  This year yet another name I know will be going on the wall.  Each year I go to Colorado and visit the wall and trace my fingers across the names I know and each year emotions I have buried rise to the surface.

2008 IAFF Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial
2008 IAFF Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial....Pipers and Drummers for as far as the eye can see.

This year like years past I will get to take part in the ceremony by playing with the throngs of other Pipers and Drummers who pay homage to our fallen in our own way…through the haunting tunes of bagpipes and drums.  Last year was awe inspiring as over 700 of us lined up and marched in playing our tunes in unison in the shadows of the great Rocky Mountains.  We are honoring the tradition of Pipes and Drums at a Fire Fighters funeral and we are honoring our fallen.

I am also taking the weekend off from cycling; there will simply not be enough time.  Between all day band rehearsal on Friday and the all day ceremony on Saturday that leaves everyone drained both physically and mentally I am going to not even attempt a ride.  As much as I would love to partake in all of the offerings of Colorado I am going to decline at this time.  I have some deep concerns about eating while I am there.  Long rehearsals and long ceremonies lend themselves to eating on the fly grabbing what you can where you can.  It is going to be a real test of self control.  I will provide pics and a full report on my return next week.  I am all set for the airport and the flight, armed with my Ipod and a book that CycleChef recommended.  Which reminds me, if you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for me one of these would be outstanding!  I would totally use the ever loving crap out of it I promise.  I will also catch you up next week on the latest in the 4 month long saga between Oakley and myself.  It just gets uglier folks I am not even lying.

 I will catch you all on Monday.

10 thoughts on “Leavin On A Jet Plane…

  1. On traveling vegan – Clif bars are your best friend. I always take a case traveling with me in case I get stuck in an airport or a not-vegan-friendly restaurant and have to make due with a salad.

    1. Sarah,

      I survived the trip, luckily Colorado is very Vegan friendly and I had zero problems with eating even the resturants that are not so Vegan friendly in Michigan…their Colorado chains are very much so oddly? I will be writing letters to the corporate offices to see if this can be fixed somehow.

  2. Love your site. Got the link from Fatty.
    I’m a california police officer and I’m blessed to work closely with our FD, the finest men and women on the face of the earth. I love them all. Your lost comrades will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Great 911 post.
    I’m looking forward to hearing the finale of the oakley fiasco. Why do I suspect it won’t end well? Must be my basic pessimism.
    Have a good trip and please post some pics from the ceremony if you can.

    1. Eric,

      Thanks for stopping by, I really quick checked out your site before I left and will be addding it to my links. You stay safe out there! Oh, the Oakley fiasco seemingly gets worse as the days pass.

  3. I stumbled across your site today and have thoroughly enjoyed browsing through it. Great jobs (the site and the lifestyle change).

    I’m always encouraged by guys like you who are able to regain control of their life. Keep up the hard work….

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