The Cost Of Healthy Eating…DE-BUNKIFIED!

“…..But being healthy is soooo expensive.” In order to fully appreciate the previous sentence you have to imagine it vocalized using the whiney voice of a 4 year old. Why a whiney voice of a 4 year old you wonder to yourself? Because that’s how I picture people when they say such things! I have to call shenanigans on the whole argument, in fact I not only call shenanigans I also say poppycock and rubbish! I have found that it is not in fact a monetary issue but an issue of change or an argument for “Non-Change” and I am not talking about political catchphrases either. I am talking about honest-to-Pete lifestyle changes. Let’s break my own situation down to see if the Chicken Little “It’s too expensive” argument holds any water. Here is what I would spend eating and consuming CRAP (I am actually going to underestimate since I am wholly confident that my side will de-bunk the other side’s argument):
Old Way
Name:                         Frequency:              Cost:             Weekly Total:
McDonalds            4 times a week              $9.00 per            $36.00
Jimmy Johns          2 times a week              $12.00 per          $24.00
Misc Fast Food      2 times a week              $7.00 per            $14.00
Prescriptions         5 times a month           $5.00 ea             $6.25
Cigarettes            2 packs a day                $5.00 per            $70.00
Misc Cola             4 per day                      $1.00 each          $28.00
Misc Cady            1 per day                      $0.75 each           $5.25
                                                                                         Total: $183. 50

New Way
Name:                         Frequency:                   Cost:           Weekly Total: 
McDonalds             0 times a week           $0.00 per           $0.00
Jimmy Johns        0 times a week           $0.00 per           $0.00
Misc Fast Food     0 times a week          $0.00 per            $0.00
Prescriptions        0 times a month       $0.00 per            $0.00
Cigarettes           0 packs a day         $0.00 per          $0.00
Misc Cola            0 per day               $0.00 per         $0.00
Misc Candy         0 per day                  $0.00 per            $0.00
                                                                                             Total: $00.00

Interesting don’t you think? I have not factored in the money saved on gas to get to such places like McDonalds etc. Given the fact that our family grocery bill is a fraction of what I use to spend on junk food, cigarettes and medication I am considering any money not spent at fast food restaurants pure profit. Furthermore if we total up the “Old Way” yearly expenditures I get a savings of $9542.00 have you any idea what kind of new bike you can buy for $9542.00???? Here is another interesting factoid about my own journey into healthiness. What did it cost me to start exercising? $34.00…..that’s right I said 34 bucks that was the cost of two new tubes for my bike and a new rear brake cable, pretty cheap I say, one of the cheapest loss of 100 pounds going!

3 thoughts on “The Cost Of Healthy Eating…DE-BUNKIFIED!

  1. This is great, Gene. I hear this excuse all the time too. I also hear in the media all the time how obesity and poverty are linked. After all, the most obese state in the nation (Mississippi) is also the most impoverished. The top 9 states are in the south, with Michigan ringing in at #10 and the fattest in the Midwest.

    I personally think its not so much poverty as much as it is ignorance and unfortunately, laziness. I saw a statistic one time too that said many southern cities and Detroit (which was listed) have more fast food joints per capita than healthier places. I know when I fall into the fast-food trap, its because I’m so crazy busy that I feel like that’s the only option, or I just don’t feel like making my own food. That’s a tough challenge to overcome and if you add ignorance into the mix (food is food, doesn’t matter what I eat, McDonalds has “healthy” options – burgers have protein, blah, blah) it just makes the problem so much worse.

    I have friends that use the “eating healthy is expensive” excuse too and they’re not wasting money on fast food, necessarily, they just think the healthy stuff to buy is more expensive. Well, the last time I checked, even Aldi has a “Fit and Active” line of products and if you pay attention to sales, you can easily get healthier stuff. I usually look them in the eye and say that’s a bunch of bunk – it’s just that your kids are used to Hamburger Helper and Mac/Cheese and you don’t want to listen to them bitch when you give them something healthy. Yeah, I don’t have kids and I know that’s a factor too, but I get so tired of the excuses. EXCUSES ARE THE FIRST THING THAT HAVE TO GO IF A PERSON WANTS TO BE HEALTHY!!

    When I stopped buying Chef Boyardee and Spam, I was maybe spending $25 or so more per month on groceries – if that. If I paid attention to sales, there was virtually no difference. As for my fast food expenditures – virtually non-existent now, although I do hit Subway a couple times a week usually (cheap and healthy options though) and Jimmy Johns once in a great while. If I’m going to waste money on a restaurant, I’ll hook up with the lady and go somewhere nice.

    One final thought too – this time of year, farmer’s markets and roadside stands are prolific. Great prices and fresh stuff to eat!


    1. Once again Jon you make amazing points and offer a ton of useful ammo for future conversations and discussions.

      1. I get some of what your point, and dont agree on all excuses people have.

        Now you are eating something. Whats the break down on it now, Iam confused how are you getting that 9000, because you are on a different nutrition plan that costs money, unless you are robbing a Whole Foods super market or ffarmers market?

        I find it funny that health takes a backseat do to want of material processions. Many People value processions over their health. Yeah you can buy and drive Cadillacs, but if you feel like shit, how is a Cadillac more important now, how are you gonna enjoy it if you are in a nursing home or dead

        Feeling good about yourself and being healthy seems to be much better then the alternatives. People buy bullshit they likey dont use really. Why not a bike, and less time on the internet and xbox, and dont post shit on FB so much. I hate Iphones, and that bs. Lets just buy video games and play all day and get fat, wtf! then we tell our kids that being fat is ok, thats really screwed up.

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