Todays Ride Report And Other Assorted Frivolity

There is really not a whole lot to report here today, outside of I rode 34 miles today on a mountain bike which seems only slightly insane to me. I did get a compliment on my “don’t drive your car up my colon” taillight though. A dude rolled down his window at a traffic light and asked where I got it from that he “could see me a mile away” I quickly told him and off he went. Ride was really good this morning outside of a time crunch issue I know I could have gotten another 10 miles out of the ride, but nay I had to shut it down early.

Sunday my garage door fell off of its tracks and ended up on the garage floor. After much cursing and with the help of a large mallet I managed to get the door at least most of the way back on its tracks, but it is completely unusable. I had a local company quote me for a new one yesterday and it will be installed on Friday. Now I have been relegated to tip toe-ing my bike from the garage in through the family room through the dining room and living room and try to quietly sneak it out the front door in the “oh my sweet Lord its early” pre dawn darkness and not wake up any kids or the wife.

The hunt for a new road machine is officially on, I have my eye on a sexy little number but I have only seen pics of it I want to actually get my chubby fingers on it and get sized by a pro to see if that’s the right one for me. Now comes the task of paying for it since I don’t think there are sponsorship opportunities for tubby dudes that ride at 5 in the morning and don’t race a single soul. More to follow I am sure. I am getting a lot of questions in reference to my statement yesterday “because next year I am going to do something that could possibly make your head explode. Something so radical so insane it very nearly defies logic and reason” there will be more on this as information and plans are solidified. Lets just say 2010 will be the year of 1’s and 0’s more specifically it will be the year of 100’s as in 100 pounds and for a wee hint it may or may not have something to do with 100 miles or several doses of 100 miles. You will just have to keep your eyes open for the full details. You guys are smart folks I am sure you can pretty much read through my fendishly clever rouse and less than brilliant clues.

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