New (old) Pics of the 2010 Polar Rhino Ride

So I was digging through the Kinetic Systems website and happened across some pics I never saw from the January 1, 2010 Polar Rhino Ride.  I posted one of the pics when I went on my long diatribe on my 2009 weight loss failure.  Here are some more and I promise I am in a much better mood now.  I know all of you warm weather folks are insane with jealousy over our snow, try to maintain your composure. 

This is a pic of Lane and I after we got signed in. Lane is a neighbor of my moms that I know. I didnt know he was participating in the ride, it was good to have at least one person I knew there.
(from left to right) Me, Lane, and some dude I dont know.
Getting ready to start the insanity.
Somehow I got caught in the limbo between the really fast riders and the slower riders which left me by myself for a few miles.
Ahhh yes notice how toasty warm my feet look rockin those Sidi winter shoes....and the Oakleys (R.I.P)

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