Its All Part Of My Secret Evil Plan

My donations have slowed down a bit and as of this post  I am up to $425.00 .  While sitting in school this morning I devised a plan so evil, so sinister I am sure I will have to face the “Big Guy” at the pearly gates for it.  Do you know any firefighters?  I mean besides me?  Here is the thing,  we are fiercely loyal to our Stations.  Where I work we have 5 stations and each is manned by about the same number of people, furthermore each station has a certain nickname which lends to a certain Esprit de Corps of the individual stations.  Now,  I will finish the story…I started playing one station against the others…only I am playing them all against each other by saying things like “The Island says they can collect more than The 5 House”  and “The Island says they have already beaten The Big House and they say you knuckledraggers at The Big House aint worth a dang!”  and “The Cabin has you all smoked and they are going up on the wall of awesomeness!”  Whats can top that you ask?  The fact that there are 3 different shifts so that means 3 different competitions for bragging rights is going to happen. 

Do you see where I am going with this?

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